UKD Trilogy: UK Dark 1-3

“What would happen if……?”
Many people ask themselves the question, but how many actually do something about it?
Tom lives in Birmingham, England with his family. After asking himself the question and researching what could happen, he decided it wouldn’t do any harm to be a little bit prepared. Just in case.
He discovers the world is going to be hit by a massive Coronal Mass Ejection from the sun, which will turn the whole planet dark.
He only has a few days to get ready.
Will they survive?
People want what they have, but is he prepared to kill to protect it?

Contact with Jerry’s brother has been made.
Having defied all the odds and survived, will the group make it through the trials to come?
They’ve fought off brutal attacks and taken lives to protect their loved ones. Will the arrival of the army bring them security?
The answer is no. Powerful enemies are out there who will risk everything to take what they have.
Will they be able to defeat them and keep everyone safe?
Continue to follow Tom, his family, his neighbours and friends as they face new challenges and threats to their very existence.
They are surviving. Would you?

Winter is setting in and the group must battle the worsening weather, as well as others who want to annihilate them.
Cut off from any assistance the government can provide, they realise how tenuous their grip on survival is.
Facing plagues of rats, disease and death, the group is forced to make a fateful decision: evacuate the compound so that some can survive the disease; those who stay to care for family who have succumbed to the plague face almost certain death.

UK Dark Series - Trilogy