About Chris

About Chris

Chris Harris was born in South Birmingham in 1971. Apart from a few years in his early twenties he has lived his whole life in the city, and proudly declares himself to be a true ‘Brummie’, born and bred.

He settled in Moseley about fifteen years ago and has become a keen and active member of its thriving community.

A loyal and enthusiastic member of Chantry Tennis Club. He can frequently be seen demonstrating his talents on (but mainly off) the courts.

He’s also a dedicated follower of the several local music festivals and is passionate about supporting the local independent economy (and is therefore a regular at the many local independent pubs and restaurants for which Moseley is rightly famous!).

His early career centered around the building trade, before moving on to property development. Now a family man with a wife, three children and one grandchild, all of whom are very important to him and keep him very busy, he still finds time to pursue his many interests, which include: tennis, skiing, racquet ball, darts, and shooting. He’s also been an avid reader throughout his life.

Coming late to writing he feels that it’s really ignited something long buried inside him. It’s given him an outlet for his imagination and, never one to be short of an opinion or the last word, has enjoyed the opportunity of ‘putting this down on paper’ in his books.

His first series, the UKD trilogy, launched him into the world of indie Authors and he is currently working on his Zombie series, Zombie Castle.